Chest Binders

I’ve tried many binders over the years to bind my chest (flatten it for a more masculine appearance), and I’ve rated my favourites based on what worked for my body type. I was larger chested, so I always opted for more compression. I also struggle with dysphoria of my hips and have tried full binders as well.

Things to remember when binding:
* Please DON’T use duct tape or Ace bandages to bind. I know binders can get expensive, but duct tape or bandages can cause much more harm than good. Duct tape can cause sores and other skin irritations and ace bandages are meant to constrict. Make sure you only use shirts designed for binding, as that’s the safest and most effective way to bind.
* Keep it 8 hours or less at a time. Binding for longer periods or sleeping in your binder can cause skin irritations, sores and break down tissue. I know it sucks to have to take it off, but be mindful of the area you are binding.
* When binding, push breasts (or whatever you call those fat sacks on your chest) straight inward, not flattening down. This will ensure you aren’t stretching the skin and will help prep the area for top surgery and promote a top-notch recovery!

Below are my reviews:

This is my favourite binder. It gave me the flattest chest and was quite comfortable; other than hot summer days or long days as most binders are. Price point was a little high as it is $29.99 (US), but definitely worth it. I ended up buying a few, as they worked so well for me. I could even get away with wearing some tank tops that were tighter fitting around the underarms as it didn’t give it away that I was wearing a binder. Was a little hard to put on at first, but after the first day of wear, it stretched out just a tad to my liking. See link for more info.

Tri-top chest binder

This was my second favourite binder. It was made from the same material as the first binder so offered me the most compression. It allowed me the appearance of a straighter mid-section, so I felt much less self-conscious of my hips. Definitely helped with my full body dysphoria pre-surgery. Price point is $29.99 (US).
Downsides: Very hot in the summer months. Not much room to breath as it is a very tight fit.

Ultimate chest binder tank

This was the first binder I tried. A little pricer at $43.34 (CAD). I like that the company itself is trans-owned and is based in Maryland.  As for the binder, I like the softer material and it was easier to put on (not as tight), but it didn’t compress quite as much as I was hoping for. Good quality binder, just not the right fit for my body type. See link for more info.

Gray Half binder

The blank tank binder makes my number 4 spot on the list of binders. The compression was a little more flattening and the fabric was long enough to tuck in to your pants. The actual binding material stops at your chest, so the material below is comfortable and not compressing. However, I bought it for the reason of compressing my hips and mid section so I didn’t achieve the look I was hoping for. The lighter material did however allow for wear in warmer weather as it was a breathable material. Price is $45.96 (CAD). See link Below.

Black tank binder

The final binder I tried was the cotton concealer tank top. I bought it in hopes of a lighter more comfortable mid-body fit, which it did deliver on that, but did not offer the compression that I was after. Priced at $29.99 (US) it was comparable to the others I tried. This would work well for smaller chested individuals or those looking for a little less compression. See link below.

Cotton concealer tank

For more information visit:

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