Dressing for the FTM body

Finding clothes to fit a 5″3 trans man is no easy task, epecially in pre-top surgery days. Trying to find clothing that hides chest and curvy hips can seem like an impossible task. I know I’m not the only trans guy out there who struggles with this.

Things to consider when trying on clothes:

1.) Baggy clothing is not the answer: Wearing extra baggy clothing to hide certain areas of your body is not the best way to do it. With my body type, I find it just makes me look shorter and wider, and like I have something to hide. Find jeans that are a slim to slim-straight cut. They will elongate your legs and give the appearance of a cleaner straighter cut. Just avoid jeans that fit tight only around the hip and ass area, this may highlight the curvier area that you want cover up.

2.) Joggers are your friend: Us short homies struggle with length. Hemming isn’t always a viable option as it can widen the taper of the leg. A shorter jogger pant can help with the length issue while giving a trendier cut and style. Just ensure they don’t fit too baggy in the ass or scrunch too much at the bottom of the leg. Goes great with sneakers, toms, or can dress them up with a nice dress shirt and dress shoe. Keep it a slim jogger to avoid a baggy fit.

3.) Logos: Be wary of logos. Logos can give off a prepubescent look, especially in early stages of transition when we really don’t need to look younger than we do. Opt for your basics. Standard tees and long sleeves go great with all pant options. That goes for hats as well. Save the wild logos and colours for the beach and festivals. Pictured above is me at a festival paring a louder shirt with basic black joggers and a black hat to tone it down. When it comes to the fit of a shirt, go for a tighter fit in the shoulders and arms and looser in the body. It will give the appearance of broader shoudlers and a straighter mid body.

My favourite places to shop for my body type:

*Top Man